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Autor Chayne Avery, HvH, Russell Garcia, Patrick Fillion
Tytuł Gay Fantasy Heroes Collection
Język angielski
Okładka twarda
Wydawnictwo Bruno Gmuender
Rok wydania 2014

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Kolekcja trzech bestsellerowych komiksów! Najbardziej znani rysownicy gejowskich opowieści: HvH, Chayne Avery, Russel Garcia i Patrick Fillon oraz ich herosi. Obowiązkowa pozycja na półce każdego wielbiciela komiksów!

Gone to the movies / HvH

Never before seen and yet somehow strangely familiar – HvH’s wilful new gay interpretation of these more or less famous movie posters is highly entertaining. The artist masterfully plays with our expectations, playfully tweaking the history of cinema a bit, where until now gays have always gotten short shrift. His work is sometimes ironic and irrelevant, occasionally affectionate and amusing and in the end is simply a magnificent homage to cinema!

Boy meets Hero / Chayne Avery, Russell Garcia

Granted extraordinary cosmic powers, BLUE COMET, along with the sensational SUNSTAR defend GOLDEN BAY CITY against nefarious supervillains. As one of the city´s most celebrated and powerful heroes, there is nothing BLUE COMET can´t handle. However, one fateful encounter with Justin, SUNSTAR´S Brother, changes BLUE COMET forever and makes him the hero with two secret identities…

Heroes by Patrick Fillion / Patrick Fillion

Fillions gay comic heroes aren't your typical comic creatures! These guys bring out the big guns, impressively equipped with huge cocks, six-packs and laser pistols. Without a doubt their most powerful weapon is their sex appeal! Across 64 colorful pages they will satisfy your longings for a powerful protector. Canada's Patrick Fillion gives us what the mainstream comic world has been keeping from us all this time.? Open your heart up to his incredibly erotic gay universe, where you will find form to your fantasies.

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